We don’t talk with my spouse since ten days. I m asking myself. That s all it was? And we just move forward like it was a nice memory with bitter ones too and now it s another finished relationship like several else what we had before?

And I m like…well right now maybe that s how I feel. It feels like ages when we were together like a couple. I m getting used to be alone to be single. Oke, it s not true. It s still very hard, but I think that I m over the worse part. The storm in my heart and mind what made me almost crazy is not as extremely big, and I hope it will just gets smaller and smaller.

But can I imagine myself in the future? I can not imagine myself in the future without him. I can not let this holy relationship what we had to just vanish. We loved each other really. It was God, who blessed us, I believe it in my heart. It can’t and won’t finish like this, if God wants us together. And I know that God talks with me through my heart. My heart may be deceiving me, because it s still not pure, but this is what I feel now. I love my spouse, and he loved me once very much. I think it was true love. If it was true love it should not fail. If God wanta us together it won’t fail. I believe that the power of love is bigger then any other obstacle. I believe that we will find the way toward each other soon with the help of our love toward each other,with Gods help. Based on what is my hope? Based on some verses in the Bible. It writes that what God tied together men should not broke. God’s will is so that we be together until we live once we are married. Marriage is a promise of loyalty to each other in front of God. We are married. So this is what my hope is based on.

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